Teacher Tells Preschool Boy Being Left-Handed Is 'Evil' & 'Sinister' (VIDEO)

You would think some educators would get the message their job is to teach, and not terrorize students. After all, school just started. Unfortunately not everyone got the memo, as an Oklahoma preschool teacher reportedly forced a left-handed 4-year-old to write with his right. If you think that's weird, wait until you hear why.


Didn't you know being left-handed is "evil"?

As you can imagine, Alisha Sands wanted to know why the heck a teacher would tell her son Zayde such craziness.

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As a left-handed person and fellow resident of Oklahoma (I guess I live in the area with common sense), I have a lesson of my own for this teacher -- and school, for that matter, as they seem to not care -- that's a gift that will keep on giving: Do your job, and if you can't say anything nice ... just hush up.

Lefties often face challenges of learning "backwards" (all right, there is no such thing, but it's not uncommon think this), considering roughly 10 percent of the population is left-handed. Some kids already feel some kind of way about being different from their peers, so now you want to throw being evil and sinister into the mix?

I happen to think that lefties are pretty awesome -- and not just because I'm a member of the club. Ronda Rousey is reportedly left-handed, along with a list of others that include Prince William, Julia Roberts, Bruce Willis, and Oprah. I don't know who's evil behind closed doors, but there are plenty of examples of left-handed folks who've gone on to do some cool things. Why not focus on that instead of calling something unorthodox bad?


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