6-Year-Old Tells Divorced Parents to Stop Arguing and Be Friends (VIDEO)

There are times when your patience is tested, making it hard not to get caught up in the moment -- let alone your feelings. Yet, as parents, we must be mindful of our children. This video of 6-year-old Tiana wanting her mom and dad to stop arguing and be friends has gone viral.


As you'll see, little Tiana only wants her parents to be happy, and not turn into mean monsters. You might need a kid's dictionary to weed through certain moments (some of her sentiments are too out there to understand), but Tiana has a message that should resonate with us all.

Must watch!! After came back from badminton I Open the garage door try to drive my car in and heard Tiana voice yelling "stopped mama"!! my shoe rack fallen down in the garage all over 50 pairs of shoes and the rack are on the ground.I get out of the car walk into the garage And Alfred came out yelling to me that my shoes rack was suck!! Complaining I bought a cheap shoes racks good for nothing!on and on..And I told him to just move get out of the way if he doesn't want to help then go away!as I get upset so didn't make it sound nice and friendly. Tiana offered to help me put up shoes on the rack That I rebuilt after all it done I am going to move the car in but Alfred offered help to tight up some lopes to help stabilized while he do that......Tiana said in front of both of us,Why you guys don't try to be nice to each other... Like a friends helping each other don't get mad and be happy!! Lots more I was stunned by it! She is teaching me!!Woke me up!!! And then we sit down only me and Tiana And this is part of it as didn't think she could think like that!! She brought me tear and feel guilty Amazing little girl Her name is TIANA!!

Posted by Cherish Sherry on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wouldn't it be great if everyone smiled when they saw each other, and settled "mean heights down to small heights"?

Sometimes it's hard to remember there are children in the room when you have an argument -- and while this doesn't mean you need to transform your world into some fantasy land where disagreements aren't a reality, it should make you think twice about what you say.

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From the sound of things, Tiana's parents are divorced (the article hints at it), which unfortunately can be grounds for the gloves to come off. I still have some memories from when I was Tiana's age of my own parents fighting just before they divorced (I was 5). Needless to say, they were full of name-calling and yelling matches that made me wonder if this is how people who love each other are supposed to act.

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Children don't always understand what's going on, or the back story as to why things are the way they are. They can only go off what they hear and see in front of them. Hopefully Tiana's video is a gentle reminder that our kids are watching us. Even if we don't agree with someone or no longer love them, the very least we can do is try to keep things a little more G-rated for the sake of the innocent -- who are oftentimes thrown into the middle.


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