Toddler Girl Screams for Joy When Dad Picks Her Up From School (VIDEO)

If you allow me to have 36 seconds of your time, I promise to show you one of the cutest things you'll ever see. To say this toddler was excited when her dad picked her up from school would be more than an understatement.


It didn't matter what kind of day this little girl had, she heard her papa's voice and was ready to go home.

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Sometimes, it can suck being one of the last kids to get picked up. Aside from not having people to play with, you start to wonder where the heck your parents are. I remember not being picked up for some time growing up. There were days when my mom was stuck in traffic coming from Baltimore or my father was out "taking care of bad guys" as he used to put it (he wasn't a caped crusader, just a cop). Watching this makes me think back to those times when I was so happy to see my parents.

As you can see from this incredibly adorable video, this tot needed no help opening up the door and letting herself out to be with her dad. Doesn't her face read, "You better not leave me again"?

So cute!


Image via xxMIA METALxx/YouTube

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