Fed-Up Dad Installs Stop Signs in Community to Slow Down Traffic (VIDEO)

Parents will do their best to protect their kids at any cost. Kurt Smith is a Colorado father-of-two who has reached his boiling point when it comes to drivers in his neighborhood who feel the need for speed. Taking matters into his own hands, this father created his own stop signs in efforts to prevent children at play from being hit.


You have to give him some bonus points in the resourcefulness department, considering he works for a sign company.

Honestly, I can't blame this dad for wanting to keep kids safe. Most, if not all, of us can vouch for a time when we shook our heads at someone in our neighborhood speeding off. After all, residential areas do have lower speed limits for a reason -- and sadly, all it takes is a second for tragedy to strike. Yes, Kurt's signs were in violation, but at least he didn't try to pass out speeding tickets to motorists (Kurt, please don't do that), or anything super aggressive. As a cop's daughter, I do believe in being a law-abiding citizen, but as a parent, I also understand his frustrations.

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While I'm thankful to now live in a home with a private driveway, I can remember days of condo living in New Jersey with a similar situation. Even with a stop sign in place, people driving through my community would turn too fast around my street corner. There were days when I had to jump a few steps back crossing the street as drivers would whiz by me without care. People lobbied for some sort of change that seemed to fall on deaf ears. Unfortunately, it took a serious accident (a motorist struck a woman crossing the street, tossing her up in the air) for something to be done.

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Streets are for cars, but that doesn't give drivers a right to treat residential areas like a highway. Hopefully parents will continue teaching their kids ways to play safely that will help prevent an accident.


Image via 9 News Colorado/NBC

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