Lovable 1-Year-Old Girl Gets the Scare of Her Life When Her Shadow Won't Go Away (VIDEO)

There are certain things children do that are just innocent and precious. Mike Jacobs and Sharain Jackson-Jacobs were able to capture one of these moments with video of their 1-year-old daughter trying to run away from her shadow. To say it's adorably funny would be an understatement.


Just as a heads up, the action doesn't happen until closer to the end of the video.

Wait for it...

Posted by Mike Jacobs on Thursday, September 10, 2015

Does anyone else feel a little bad from laughing? While the screams she let out (gosh, those make me feel horrible) can turn your smile upside down, the mere thought of someone trying to run away from their shadow is a little funny. Unless she's friends with Peter Pan, there's no way to out-run your shadow. It's going to follow you everywhere (hate to break it to you, Kiya).

Eventually, you'll come to love your shadow as you can do super cool things with it -- like dance.

Cheer up, Kiya, it'll be all right!


Image via tobkatrina /shutterstock; Giphy; Giphy

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