Precocious 2-Year-Old Girl Refuses to Believe She Doesn't Have a Boyfriend (VIDEO)

If your toddler daughter tells you she has a boyfriend, do you brush it off, or do you try to find a padlock in the junk drawer? Chelsea Kirkland captured the debate between her 2-year-old daughter Kennedy and her dad on video that pretty much sums up the typical parent's response.


"You don't have a boyfriend."

Well that answer just wasn't going to fly with little Kennedy. She does have a boyfriend, and his name is Jared.


Kennedy came home last night and told her daddy she has a boyfriend and he told her she couldn't have one so she started crying! I had to video this! I'm sure this is the first of many arguments over boyfriends but we didn't expect the first one to be at 2! #daddysinforit #dramaqueen

Posted by Chelsea Kirkland on Sunday, September 6, 2015

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Aww! Don't cry, Kennedy. There will be plenty of time to pine over boys in some melodramatic rendition of Dawson's Creek (as if that wasn't over the top) when you're in high school (think restless nights, calling him before hanging up, and journaling in your diary like a mad woman), but for now, it's OK to enjoy your toddler years -- along with the single life.

The banter between 2-year-old Kennedy and her father was quite funny. Aside from his forbidding a love interest until she practically gets her AARP card, Kennedy refused to believe she and Jared weren't a thing.

I can only imagine my dad's response if I told him something like this. Where does this Jared live? What's he look like? What's his favorite crayon color? Does he like sandwiches? (My dad was a cop.)

All in all, this is cute and shouldn't be taken too seriously ... unless Kennedy brings him over to meet the family.


Image via © Sung-Il Kim/Corbis

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