Mom Drops Off 2-Year-Old at Church Childcare, Later Shocked to Find Him on the Side of the Road (VIDEO)

When a parent drops his or her kid off at a childcare service, the last thing that parent would ever expect to see is his or her child out and about like no big deal. Amber Kilgore is demanding answers after she found her toddler on the side of the street alone.


Yeah, this would likely make any parent catch a case.

Just stop for a second and try to imagine what this Tennessee mom felt. Can you picture yourself dropping off your 2-year-old at a church childcare service? Might not seem like a big deal, right? Alright, now imagine yourself going to lunch with some friends when you see a child that looks like yours walking down the street. It's beyond crazy to think something like this could ever happen, and yet, this was Amber's reality.

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The amount of "what if" scenarios would send me straight to the loony bin. I'm sure workers at this babysitting service didn't mean to lose a child -- or let one walk out the front door for that matter -- but this could've been tragic. One witness says Amber's son, Jackson, came close to getting hit by a car (I want to know why they saw that, but didn't do anything?). I'm so happy this boy wasn't injured, abducted, or lost for days.

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Needless to say, the Department of Childcare Services is now involved, though they're quick to point out that this church program is not licensed through them. Apparently, you don't need one if you're not an official daycare (the church says they're simply providing a service).

While it is sweet this church wanted to create a program for mommies to enjoy a day child-free, they might want to think twice about security measures.


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