This Deli Menu Hilariously Illustrates How Annoying It Is to Order for a Kid (PHOTO)

As parents, we've all been there. If you say you haven't, you might be in denial. Sometimes, dining out with little ones is no picnic, whether they are picky eaters or simply in a bad mood. A local deli totally gets it and came out with a hilarious menu of "options" for your fussy little one that actually make sense! Any parent will get a giggle out of this creative list of realistic choices!


If I lived near this deli, they would certainly have my business! In their humorous "menu," they have perfectly captured what dining out with small children is actually like. Even if your child is usually a good eater, no doubt you have had occasions where they didn't want to cooperate or regretted what they ordered or flat-out didn't care! Check this out and relate:

kid menu

I don't know about you, but I know we've had the "I don't care" a number of times only to have it turn into "But I wanted chicken nuggets!" and an embarrassing meltdown. Let's face it -- even the most well-behaved and agreeable kid can have his or her moments, and often those moments play out in public. Going out to eat with kids can be an eye-rolling, pain-in-the-butt experience, and this deli fully realizes that.

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Of course, it helps to get a babysitter and not have to deal with your picky kids in a public setting, but that's not always possible and they need to learn to behave at restaurants anyway. Kids' menus are helpful to parents because they have options kids will usually like, but even then it's never a guarantee that you'll have a smooth outing. Recognizing what a stressful experience it can be getting a child to behave and actually eat what they ordered, this deli created something that all parents can relate to -- and laugh at. I hope the patrons that see it think it's funny and don't decide to become offended by something that is obviously meant to be a joke!


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