Daycare Employees Started a 'Fight Club' With Toddlers & Posted the Videos Online

The first rule of Fight Club is: There shouldn't freaking be a Fight Club at a daycare that encourages hitting! Obviously two New Jersey childcare employees didn't get the memo as they instigated kids as young as 4 years old to knuckle up.


And to make matters worse, one of these wonderful employees had no problem videotaping as many as a dozen little ones beating each other up, because that's what makes for a great viral video these days (insert eye roll).

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Needless to say, Chanese White and Erica Kenny have been fired, and now face child abuse charges. It's unthinkable that someone would think it's OK to promote such behavior -- especially those people parents pay to watch over their children. Our society is violent enough; let's allow our kids to be as innocent as possible before they're thrown into craziness.

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I've said it before and will say it again: Some parents already have a hard enough time trusting others outside of a loved one to watch their kids. Stories like this are not only heartbreaking to think about, but even more infuriating. If you're that obsessed with fighting and Brad Pitt movies (he is fine, but not enough to emulate the movie Fight Club), work in a gym or at a movie theater.

Stories like this make me both extremely angry and sad.


Image via © Radius Images/Corbis

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