10 Celebratory 'Potty Training' Cakes We Can't Believe Anyone Ate (PHOTOS)

potty training cakeParents will do ANYTHING to potty train their toddlers, and while M&M bribes are ubiquitous, some take it so far as to celebrate the day this task is mastered with a potty training cake.

As you might guess, rather than being decorated with flowers or Disney princesses, these cakes are covered in ... well, just check out this slideshow and you'll see.


Image via nowamomof3

  • The Uncomfortably Realistic Potty Training Cake


    Yup, that's a toilet seat framing turds, but try to look beyond the content to the craftsmanship. How real do those ripples on the water look? The mastermind behind it -- a semi-professional cake decorator -- admits, "While I've decorated cakes for birthdays, baby showers, wedding showers, graduations, and monumental achievements, I can honestly say that this one is a first. Nonetheless, it is a milestone."

  • The 'Runs' Potty Training Cake


    Image via Essential Baby

    It's bad enough to see depictions of poo ... but the runs? Now we've really lost our appetite.

  • The Decomposing Potty Training Cake


    Image via Essential Baby

    The flies on this pile of kaka suggest this kid has bigger problems than just potty training. We're not sure what "potty patrol" looks like in his home, but clearly they need to flush more often. And maybe clean. And hire an exterminator.

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  • The 'Scary Poop' Potty Training Cake


    Image via nowamomof3

    There are poops and then there are POOPS. This is clearly the latter -- it looks like it's rearing out of the water to bite some toddler in the butt. Aren't they afraid this cake will scare toddlers so much they'll regress back to diapers?

  • The Potty Training Cake Complete With T.P.


    Image via cakechooser

    This potty training cake comes complete with toilet paper. Fine, it's a nice way to underscore the importance of wiping, but do we really need one more disgusting detail to focus on?

  • The Potty Training Cake With Quotes


    Image via Cake Wrecks

    Gotta respect their tasteful selection of cake decor, devoid of anything too nasty ... and the fun pun on "go."

  • The Potty Training Cake With a Subliminal Message


    Image via Cake Wrecks

    At least there's no poop here, but that typo has us confused. Is it a true mistake from the spelling-challenged, or a deliberate nudge for Rebecca to "wait" to go? It's hard to say, but it's strange.

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  • The Team Effort Potty Training Cake


    So apparently these three girls must have potty trained as a team ... and now it's time to celebrate with a potty training cake topper that portrays them all taking a whiz together.

  • Potty Training Cupcakes That Are Actually Cute


    Image via A Day In My Life

    Okay, we hafta admit, these are adorable.

  • The Way Too Perfect Potty Training Cake


    Image via Hudson Cakery

    After all the toilet bowls we've had to peer in so far, this potty training cake is so clean-cut, it makes us uncomfortable. And the back-story doesn't help: According to the bakery, the words on this cake come from a song the parents sang to motivate little Baxter to use the john. They even let him select the cake decor right down to the goldfish on his undies. And for some reason that makes this cake more disturbing than any pile of poop.

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