3-Year-Old Happily Decides to Cover Her Baby Brother in Peanut Butter (VIDEO)

Sometimes, you have to laugh to keep from crying -- especially when it involves a gooey baby. When Gina Gardener Brown walked into her kitchen, she had no clue what was in store for her. Much to her surprise, Gina's 3-year-old daughter covered her toddler brother in peanut butter.


Doesn't little Ethan look cute?

Peanut butter baby

This video was taken in 2004. It is THE video that gave us our 30 Seconds of "fame." (And an all-expense paid trip to Chicago) Emily was 3 and Ethan was 18 months at the time.

Posted by Gina Gardner Brown on Saturday, January 24, 2009

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Two things went through my mind when I saw this video: OMG, I can't believe this happened, and thank God that's not my kitchen. These are the wonderful parenting memories you'll have for time to come. Even though it can drive you nuts in the moment, you'll eventually laugh.

Hey, at least it wasn't poop.


Image via BlackBox/YouTube

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