10 Most Hilarious Baby and Toddler Messes We’ve Ever Seen

toddler finger painting
Oksana Kuzmina/shutterstock

Once your snugly newborn morphs into a rolling, crawling, cruising, and, later, walking baby, things certainly change. Yep, it's a whole new set of challenges once they're getting into the craft cabinet for the third time today. Or the spice cabinet. Or the spaghetti. 

Babies and toddlers are notorious mess-makers, and while it's never fun to clean up the messes your own kids make, it's fun to check out the handiwork of other people's kids. From a safe distance, that is.

To help you do that, we compiled the 10 most hilarious, ridiculous, and over-the-top messes we could find ... how do your kids's compare?