Mom Posts Pic of Her 3-Year-Old After 'Dry Drowning' to Help Other Parents

When you hear news of drowning, it's pretty simple to think about the unfortunate basics involved: a person and a body of water. While this does hold true, something called dry drowning is oftentimes overlooked, but is still extremely dangerous -- even fatal. Thankfully the mother of this 3-year-old who suffered from dry drowning trusted her gut, even though the circumstances wouldn't make most sound the alarm.


It's crazy to think this little boy suffered from drowning after he spent time in the pool. Yes, please wrap your head around that for a second, as dry drowning can make your little one look OK until hours later when suffocation oftentimes occurs.

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Please take a good look at this photo. This is my 3.5 year old laying unresponsive in a hospital bed less than six hours...

Posted by Darcy McQueeney on Saturday, August 15, 2015

I'm already a bit of a worry rat as is (OK, I'm a freak in the Final Destination department), but I can't even imagine how something like this can happen. All it took for this little boy was less than 30 seconds for him to fight for his life hours later.

You hear stories like this that can make you feel so helpless as a parent. No matter how many swim lessons you enroll your child in, or flotation devices you purchase, there's always that chance something unthinkable can happen. While it's never good to constantly worry all the time, you should keep incidents like this in your mind so you can pay attention to any warning signs.

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Dry drowning and secondary drowning only make up 1-2 percent of all drowning incidents. Both dry drowning and secondary drowning have the same symptoms, including things like trouble breathing, extreme lethargy, and coughing. If your child shows any symptoms of dry drowning or secondary drowning, get medical help immediately.

Stories like this can cause me to lose sleep as a mom, but I'd rather be in the know than wonder what the heck happened to my child that could slow my reaction time.


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