9 Gorgeous Photos of Moms Breastfeeding Beyond 12 Months

Natalie McCain's photographs are always so gorgeous and inspire so many moms from all over the world that no matter who we are or what we look like, as long as we love our children we are all truly beautiful. Her latest series, "We are not still nursing, we are just nursing," showcases moms who choose to breastfeed beyond the one-year mark. 


I spoke with the wonderful Natalie and asked her a few questions about her latest series. 

What has been the reaction to the "not still nursing" project?

The reaction has been amazing. The series has been shared thousands and thousands of times and continues to get more views daily. You don't typically see portraits of mothers nursing older children, but this is the reality for many mothers and they feel the need to hide that they do it because of how the public views it. No mother should feel ashamed for how they choose to feed and nurture their child, whether it be breastfeeding for one week [or] three years, or formula feeding. We all do what is best for our children.

What do you wish people understood most about extended breastfeeding?

Extended breastfeeding isn't done to be extreme. It is just a continuation of an absolutely natural and beautiful thing. It seems strange to those who have never done it, but when you are nursing your child and neither of you wish to stop, it feels completely normal. The benefits of breast milk don't just run out after one year. There are many benefits to mother and baby, and as long as both wish to continue, there is no reason to stop.

What's the next project for The Honest Body Project?

I have many series in the works. I am so excited to share them with everyone! My next series will be featuring bottle-feeding mothers, because I am passionate about all mothers feeling confident and supported no matter how they choose to feed their children. It breaks my heart that any mother feels judged because of how she chooses to nurture her child.


Images via Natalie McCain/The Honest Body Project 

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