10 Toys to Help Kids Calm Down During a Time-Out (Yes, Toys!)

anger balloonLet's get real: Time-outs may seem great in theory to help kids calm down, but they don't always work -- namely because sitting in a corner is dull as doornails and doesn't give kids something to do to pass the time or ponder how they got there.

"One of the main problems that parents run into when they’re trying to give their child a time-out is that they try to sit them in a chair, corner, or some other small space and tell them to be quiet," explains psychiatrist Carole Lieberman, M.D. "When kids are having a tantrum, they need a way to focus or use up the excess negative energy."

So if time-outs often backfire, consider adding in some of these nifty time-out tools to help your kids chill out.


Image via Entirely Elementary


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