Watch These Cute Kids Almost Get Eaten By a Deadly Shark (VIDEO)

Young James and his baby sister Sophia had no clue their home could quickly turn into an ocean with endless blue water (well, just in the living area) where they would have to fight off a shark. Hopping from couch to coffee table, James vs. Shark will leave you at the edge of your seat to see who survives this unthinkable shark attack.


Take a look:

Thankfully this is just a fun video James and Sophia's dad created to make vacuuming less boring, but my was it SUPER entertaining. Hashi's YouTube channel Action Movie Kid is full of fun videos that bring the world of imagination to life.

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I can barely operate the photo filters on my Instagram let alone imagine making something as awesome as this. These videos take the concept of a home movie to a new level, and will provide endless entertainment and memories for this family.

Keep up the great work, Hashi!


Image via Action Movie Kid/YouTube

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