Fun With Doors

I never thought about the implication of locked doors until recently, when the baby figured out how to close and lock her bedroom door. First I panicked, banged on the door like a maniac and yelled. 


Then I imagined things falling on her, tried to visualize all of the sockets in her room and if each one was plugged with a little plastic doohickey, then I tried to reason with her (never a good idea,) while she giggled at my franticness. Ultimately, I grabbed a butter knife and unlocked the door from the outside, then considered taking the entire thing off the hinges until she's 17.

After I calmed down from my freak out, I did realize that this little mischievous mishap was a testament to how much of a big girl my baby was becoming. She used to not be tall enough to even reach doors, but now, having the motor skills and imagination to not only open one but lock it shows how far she's come. And possibly what I'm in for in the future. Oh boy. 

What toddler milestone has caught you by surprise?


About Aprilee76: Playing mommy has been the most difficult, interesting and rewarding job April has had to date. As a mom that waited nervously to check off each milestone she has a unique perspective on how to "chill out," instead of freak out if your baby doesn't follow a milestone chart to a T.

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