Kick Ball, Paint Ball

toddler kicking a ball

Between ages two and three years old, your toddler will grow in so many amazing ways, and develop strength, balance, speed and new motor skills constantly. One fun development is learning to kick a ball. And even if you don't follow soccer, at all, (like me), playing ball with your little one can be endless fun.


In summer, you can bring a ball to the beach and have fun kicking it around in the sand, or dig a big hole and fill it with water and use that as a goal that gives and extra SPLASH of fun. In the fall, and spring, a ball is a great toy to bring to any playground, field or park. Kids love kicking it around trees, through piles of leaves, down hills, and even up and down a slide.

When my daughter was this age we went through a couple of brutal winters, with countless days stuck in our home with many feet of snow and ice outside. (And no, you can't play ball in the snow....) So I came up with a fun new ball game: Cover your floor with paper (old newspaper will do, or whatever you have. Cardboard works as well). Give your toddler a few cups of WASHABLE paint (Crayola is my favorite), and a small ball, or two, like a tennis ball or rubber ball. Let them dip the ball in paint and roll it and kick it around on the paper. You'll have to wash their feet off when you are done, but this is really exciting because they get to play ball inside and make messy art at the same time. You can even use a large ball like a soccer ball and just rinse it off when you are done. Brilliant fun!

What's your toddler's favorite way to play with a ball?

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