Babies Putting Babies to Bed

toddler putting her doll to bed

It may be the most adorable thing to watch a baby tending to a baby doll. Watching Cadence pretend feed, rock and put her baby doll to bed made me feel like a good mom because I knew she was imitating me. And as rewarding as the whole scenario was to witness it also represented an important milestone.


My baby was imitating real life in play-an essential building block in the foundation of socialization. Children begin to imitate what they see in real life as a rehearsal in their own lives-this is a valuable and important milestone because your baby starts to see what his or her place in the world might be. We took full advantage of the imitation/pretend play phase by supplying Cadence with anything and everything we thought would be fun (things mommies and daddies think are fun, are not always fun for baby-she preferred pots and pans as drums than any type of cooking utensils). Experts suggest encouraging all types of learning play at this stage. Just remember, if it is pots and pans as a drum set your baby likes best, some ear plugs will help!

What real-life things does your toddler like to imitate during play?

About Aprilee76: Playing mommy has been the most difficult, interesting and rewarding job April has had to date. As a mom that waited nervously to check off each milestone she has a unique perspective on how to "chill out," instead of freak out if your baby doesn't follow a milestone chart to a T.


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