10 Super-Fun DIY Kids Activities Moms Can Fit in Their Purse

10 Super-Fun DIY Kids Activities Moms Can Fit in Their Purse
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Keeping kids occupied and happy can be a challenge when a busy mom is on the go. If she's waiting in a doctor's office or in line at the grocery store, she just might realize how quickly idle little hands can get into trouble! What if moms could store some tote-bag-sized activities that'll provide kids with tons of fun? Well, now she can, thanks to these awesome DIY ideas that crafty bloggers came up with to keep the kids busy while moms are on the move! 

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What to do when in traveling or in a restaurant and the kids are bored ... and letting Mom know it? Why not give some of these crafting ideas a go? From themed toy kits, DIY tic-tac-toe, and fun ways to use felt -- these are crafty ideas for the mom who already owns a hot-glue gun. She may want to compile these crafts herself, or bring the whole family on board for a big crafting brainstorm. The little ones will love having a fun and unique toy that one can't buy from Target. Take that, doctor's office boredom! 

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Take a look at these creative and fun crafting ideas that are thankfully portable. It isn't easy to keep the little ones entertained, but a crafty kit like this just might help!


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