'Sesame Street' Is Going to Fall Apart Without Maria

maria sesame street
One of our favorite people is moving out of the neighborhood: This is Maria's last season on Sesame Street. It's hard to believe, but after 44 years the actress who played Maria, Sonia Manzano, is folding up the fix-it apron and retiring from the show.


Who will fix Sesame Street now?!? Aw gee, and my toaster just broke. Will Sesame Street fall apart without her?

sesame street

Maria was renowned for her toaster-fixing skills. People came from far and wide to seek her expertise. Here she is consulting with Mrs. Crustworthy, who has an English accent and is therefore very fancy indeed.

maria fixing the toaster

But Maria's ultimate challenge was fixing Big Bird's GINORMOUS toaster. Maria, are you up to this? It's a TALL order! 

maria fixing big bird's toaster

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Maria fixed everything on Sesame Street. I mean, everything. Here she is helping Gordon fix SIX things on his house. Can you count with me? You don't have to. I'm just saying, you could if you wanted to. Counting is fun!

maria fixing a door

With Maria gone, what will happen to Sesame Street?

sesame street burns

Oh my. Maria, can't we talk you into staying a little bit longer?

maria sesame street

No? Well, it was worth the try. Enjoy your retirement. We'll miss you! 

Did you grow up watching Sesame Street? What do you remember about Maria?


Images via Sesame Workshop; PrawnRR/YouTube;  SesameManiac/YouTube; MarshalGrover/YouTube

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