10 Bubble Blowing Hacks That Will Make You the Coolest Mom on the Block

10 Bubble Blowing Hacks That Will Make You the Coolest Mom on the Block

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There are few things more mesmerizing to small children than bubbles. That little bottle of suds works wonders when you need to get your toddler to behave. But odds are, you've barely scratched the surface of all the things you and our kids can do with them. Seriously.

If your kids are bored of the usual bubble blowing and want to branch out, consider introducing them to these 10 fun and easy hacks and activities. From smoke-filled bubbles to square bubbles to ones so large kids can fit inside, these tricks will keep bubbles interesting for all ages, even for you!

Bubble Hacks for Kids

Who knew that creating bubbles that don't break could be as easy as #3?


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  • Homemade Bubble Mix on the Cheap


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    First things first: Of course, experimenting with bubbles means you'll need a LOT of bubble-making liquid -- but before you go into debt buying bubble mix refills, you should know that you can create your own cheap homemade bubble mix. All you need is a few ingredients (the curveball is corn syrup).

  • Square Bubbles


    Do square bubbles exist? Indeed they do, if you can string some pipe cleaners together and follow some simple directions at Steve Spangler Science. It's also an excellent scientific demonstration of how bubbles try to minimize their surface area, so you're building STEM skills to boot!

  • Bubbles That Bounce


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    It's a sad fact that bubbles have such a short life span popping once they're touched or land on the ground. But it doesn't have to be that way. By adding in a few easy-to-get ingredients (like glycerin), you can create bubbles that bounce and hold up far longer than usual to physical contact. And that means tons more fun per bubble!

  • Rainbow Bubbles


    Want to whip up a batch of rainbow bubble foam at home? All it takes is some dish soap, food coloring and a whisk (or better yet a blender or food processor. It's the perfect sensory play your tots, and takes only 10 minutes to make.

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  • Make Big Bubbles


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    For most kids it's simple: The bigger the bubble the better! Which is why you should consider grabbing a kiddie pool and a hula hoop to make that happen. If your kids dip the hula hoop in and raise it over their heads they can even end up inside a bubble. How cool is that?

  • Bubble Paint


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    Combine two loves of toddlerhood -- bubbles and paint -- by painting with bubbles. All you need to do is add a squirt of soap to paint, glaze, or other coloring, insert a straw into the mixture, then blow until you've got a nice mound of bubbles. Then you "dip" your paper or ceramic on top; when the bubbles pop you're left with perfect bubbly impressions.

  • Smoking Bubbles


    Concocting bubbles filled with smoke is the perfect Halloween activity, but you can do it any time of year. The magic ingredient? Dry ice, which is safe to handle and combined in the usual bubble-making liquid. Instructions include a DIY version or, for the time-pressed, a pre-made smoking bubbles kit for $24.99 at Steve Spangler Science.

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  • Frozen Bubbles


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    Once winter arrives, that doesn't mean bubble activities have to end. If the temperature dips below freezing, that's the perfect time to create ice bubbles. On a very cold day, all it takes is a few seconds for them to freeze on your child's wand into these perfect crystalline orbs.

  • Baking Soda & Vinegar Bubbles


    While many kids know that mixing baking soda and vinegar results in a soda-style font of carbon dioxide bubbles ... only to amp this up, try adding soap, which causes the carbon dioxide to form a delicious mountain of baking soda and vinegar bubbles! Toss in a few drops of food coloring to add to the special effects.

  • Bubble Spiderweb


    What could be more perfect to celebrate Halloween than a bubble spider web? All you need is black paint, bubble solution, a straw and a paper plate, as well as these instructions from Preschool Powol Packets.

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