10 Bubble Blowing Hacks That Will Make You the Coolest Mom on the Block (PHOTOS)

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There are few things more mesmerizing to small children than bubbles. That little bottle of suds works wonders when you need to get your toddler to behave. But odds are, you've barely scratched the surface of all the things you and our kids can do with them. Seriously.


If your kids are bored of the usual bubble blowing and want to branch out, consider introducing them to these 10 fun and easy hacks and activities. From smoke-filled bubbles to square bubbles to ones so large kids can fit inside, these tricks will keep bubbles interesting for all ages, even for you!

Bubble Hacks for Kids

Who knew that creating bubbles that don't break could be as easy as #3?


Image via Play Enthusiasm; © iStock.com/iceonion_th

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