20 Signs Your Toddler Is Actually a Dinosaur

child dinosaurKids go through a ton of different phases as they grow, and at some point your child may enter their dinosaur phase. It isn’t what you’re probably thinking -- unlike last month's ketchup phase where every food had to be dripping red to be deemed edible, the dinosaur phase is more than just demanding to wear Jurassic World pajamas every night and refusing to nap without their stuffed stegosaurus. Your child’s dinosaur phase is that oh-so-special time in their life when you’re living with what looks like a toddler, but acts suspiciously like a prehistoric reptile. Fortunately for us moms, there are several ways to determine if the little monster in your house is actually a dinosaur in disguise. Take a look:


1. They make lots strange noises you can't understand.

2. They have razor-sharp teeth.

3. You try not to make any sudden movements around them -- nap time is sacred.

4. The more of them that get together, the more trouble they seem to get into.

5. They're always trying to escape containment.

6. They're extremely difficult to transport.

7. You never know when they'll pounce on you out of nowhere.

8.  They're often caught stomping around.

9. Their screams can strike terror into your heart.

10. When they tilt their heads and stare blankly at you, you're not sure what they're thinking.

11.They leave a path of destruction in their wake.

12. They can smell food from a mile away.

13. Some refuse to eat meat.

14. Others don't eat any vegetables.

15. Their size is no indication of their power.

16. They are generally much faster than they look.

17. You don't want to see one angry.

18. On some versions, their arms are mostly useless (T-Rexes and toddlers both struggle with spoons).
19. They attract a ton of attention when out in public.
20. You can't help but want to pet them.
Did we miss any of the signs? 

Image via ©iStock.com/Ninoslav Dotlic

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