'I have to go potty!'

toddler on the toilet

This is a milestone we have yet to completely conquer but we're getting there. She goes on the potty when Mommy reminds her, but she is usually too distracted to tell me herself. She will however tell me, "Mommy, the floor is wet..." then apologize immediately. It tells me that she gets it. She understands that she's supposed to use the potty, but her body hasn't quite caught up yet.


There are a number of tricks to the potty game - I've heard give her stickers, make charts, bribery, take her every hour, let her sit in it, let her be naked, don't leave the house for a week. I do believe I've heard it all!

And while I am certainly not an expert, this is one milestone that I truly believe needs to be approached in a customized way. Every child is different, and when it comes to potty training those differences need to be taken into account.


Image ©iStock.com/kate_sept2004
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