'Mommy, I'm impossible!'

toddler girl with hand over her mouth

The precocious and possibly incriminating phase of repeating everything she hears. It's the phase that is both hysterical and terrifying. Cadence told me the other day "Mommy, I'm impossible." I remember thinking, I wonder where she heard that? The following day she was pretending to drive the bus and yelled mommy's go-to, not-quite-an-obscenity-but-you-still-don't-want-your-child-to-repeat-phrase. Oops.


There is a reason that children are able to learn and process an entire language with ease at this age, when adults find it much more difficult-they are very much sponges, absorbing every little thing they see, hear or experience and then processing it in their brains.

Sometimes it's hard to resist urging your child to repeat funny quips but be mindful-while it's cute at home, it could get you and your public speaker in trouble at school, or at Nana's.


Image ©iStock.com/Vikram Raghuvanshi

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