15 Kids Who Clearly Wouldn't Let Mom Help Them Get Dressed (PHOTOS)

little girl

There comes a moment in every parent's life when the sweet, matching, non-offensive clothing they've lovingly bought, washed, and layed out for their toddler becomes obsolete. Why? Because once toddlers learn to dress themselves, there's no turning back! 

At one point or another, every mama is met with, "No! I don't wanna wear this! I dress mah-self!" And the results? They're pretty dang adorable. Raincoats with bathing suits? Why not! Parka jackets with butterfly wings and cat ears? But, of course! Only kids could pull off the crazy outfits they put together -- and pull them off well!

We asked mamas to share the funny outfits their kiddos dressed themselves in, and as suspected, they delivered some doozies! Here, 15 kids who clearly dressed themselves. 

What's the craziest thing your little one has ever dressed themselves in?

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