10 Types of Toys Every Preschooler Should Have

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If you’ve got kids, you need toys! And with so many choices out there, it’s tempting to buy them all. But, you have to be careful or you’ll end up overwhelmed by a cluttered house filled with rejected toys. Take a look at this slideshow for ten types of toys that are not only fun, but drive your child’s imagination. 

What's your preschooler's favorite toy?


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  • Go car, go!


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    Kids and their dads love their remote controls. Add a car and they’ll be playing all day – or as long as their batteries last! Parents count on Duracell batteries to get things rolling, and keep them going. After all, Duracell has been found to last longer in 99% of devices!

  • You talking to me?


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    They talk, they walk, they make your preschooler laugh, learn and imagine all kinds of make-believe worlds. There’s a wide-range of battery-operated talking toys from which to choose. 

  • Bubbling over with fun


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    Big or small, everyone loves making bubbles! Pop a long-lasting Duracell into a battery-operated machine and see how much more fun blowing bubbles can be! 

  • Missing something?


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    Every princess needs a wand! Give your little darling the magic touch with a special light-up wand. She’ll never know that her power is all in the Duracell Batteries. But what she will know is that her powers last longer than any other princess in town – thanks to Duracell!

  • Hey, cowboy


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    Give a soft-shooter to your little sharp-shooter. It’s good, safe, empowering fun, fueled by Duracell batteries. 

  • Old-fashioned fun


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    Go old-school with toys you grew up with. Chances are you just need a new Duracell battery to get limbs moving and music playing. You’ll be amazed at where your little one’s mind goes when given a chance to “throw-back” to the good old days.

  • She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah!


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    Bring out your inner rock star with a battery-operated electric guitar.

  • What a doll!


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    There are dolls who talk and walk and even burp and pee! Duracell batteries bring them to life and keep them living longer than most other batteries will. 

  • Reading buddies


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    Run on just a battery or two, interactive books and games are full of surprises and learning opportunities for your preschooler and friends. 

  • 10-4 Good buddy


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    Even in this cellphone-filled world, kids love to play with good, old battery-operated walkie-talkies. Connect with your child the old-school wireless way and watch imaginations come alive!

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