10 Easy Ways to Make Spray Sunscreens Safer for Kids

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Summer means beach trips, sprinklers, swimming pools … and oh yeah, pinning down your kids to slather them in sunscreen while they wriggle and whine. Many moms rejoiced when spray-on sunscreen came out ... only to hear numerous experts (including Consumer Reports) warning that the oh-so-convenient spray isn't all that safe for kids.


It turns out spray sunscreens put kids at risk of inhaling what Sonya Lunder, senior analyst at the Environmental Working Group, calls "nano-particles" of zinc, alcohol and other harmful substances. In large enough quantities, these particles have been shown to cause developmental problems. Titanium dioxide, a popular component of many spray sunscreens, has even been listed as "possibly carcinogenic to humans," in a World Health Organization report.

But let's face it: spray sunscreen is often a mom's best shot at keeping her wriggling child safe from the sun's harmful rays -- which we all know also pose a cancer risk.

Fortunately there's plenty you can do to apply the sprays safely; heed this expert-approved advice to minimize the risks.   

Sunscreen Safety Tips for Moms

Did you know you don't have to wait 30 minutes before heading outside? Read more in #3! 


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