The 10 Playground Hazards Most Dangerous to Kids

baby on swingPlayground trips with the kiddos are part and parcel of parenting … but as the saying goes, they're all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Each year, about 200,000 children end up with playground injuries serious enough to land them in the emergency room. And the hazards aren't always as obvious as moms might think.


Even more troubling: just 16 states have passed laws mandating that playground equipment must adhere to safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission or the American Society for Testing and Materials. That still means that the majority of playgrounds in the country aren't held to these high standards. That means it's up to parents to stay on alert for potential trouble.

To help keep your kids safe on the playground this summer, keep an eye out for these surprising dangers. From burns on slides to broken legs, you don't want a fun family outing turning into an ambulance trip to the local hospital.

Playground Safety Checklist

We never would have worried about #2, would you?


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