10 'Oh No He Didn't!' Things Little Boys Have Said About the Opposite Sex (PHOTOS)

10 'Oh No He Didn't!' Things Little Boys Have Said About the Opposite Sex (PHOTOS)

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Everyone knows kids say the darndest things, but the hilarity tends to get amped up when little boys start talking about the opposite sex.  Whether they're talking about how their female counterparts smell, act, or what their, um, privates look like, there's no shortage of theories that will crack you up!

For a giggle-inducing glimpse inside a boy's mind and how they regard the opposite sex, check out this slideshow of anecdotes where parents recall the funniest things boys have said about girls. They're just too cute to correct!


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  • You Say Vagina, I Say...


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    Apparently the word "vagina" is a challenge to pronounce, as one dad learned when his 3-year-old son told him, "Boys have penises and girls have lasagna."

  • Got Milk?


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    Boys also have interesting theories about why girls develop boobs while boys do not. According to one dad, "My son told me, 'Women have good milk, that's why their boobs are swollen. But men's milk is sour so their boobs are flat." Something tells us this kid's got a breastfeeding mama!

  • 'Girls Don't Understand Root Beer'


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    When one 5-year-old boy bought a root beer float, a girl from Germany asked what was in it. "So he told her," says the mom who witnessed the exchange. "And when she said that didn't sound very good, he said with studied nonchalance,  'It's a male thing. You wouldn't understand.'"

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  • Made in China


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    When one mom's first-grade son asked where his pee-pee was from, she replied it was from God. To which he replied, "Connor says his mom's pee-pee is from China." China? Huh? Connor's mom was Caucasian, so what was going on? Finally she realized: "Oh! VAGINA. Then I almost wet my pants laughing."

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  • Why Girls Sit When They Pee


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    Why do boys pee standing up? One mom says her little boy has an interesting explanation: "He said, 'It's because boys' dingers are so big they'd touch the toilet water," she says. That's a bit of a stretch, but okay? Meanwhile, the boy added, "But girls have tiny dingers, so they can sit."

  • Why Boys Don't Hang With Girls


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    When one mom visited her son at school and saw that all the boys sat at one table and girls at another, she asked why. Her son's reply? "Girls have cooties," he said. The mom laughed, then pointed out that since she was female, she must have cooties too. "To which he replied, 'No, you're a mom, moms are exempt,'" the mom recalls. "This is second grade logic. Woo-hoo for me for being exempt!"

  • But They Do Smell Nice!


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    Not all boys think girls should be avoided at all costs. In kindergarten, one mom's son mentioned a girl he liked. The reason? "She smells like watermelon." Guess that's as good a reason as the next!

  • Butt of the Joke


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    Boys may know girls are "different" down there, but their theories as to what's going on can be, er, rather interesting! Or so learned one mom whose son informed her, "Girls have two butts -- one in the front and one in the back."

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  • Great Reason to Behave


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    Some theories about why girls lack the same equipment as boys down below are more elaborate. For instance: "My nephew said, 'Girls don't have penises because they fell off when they were spanked for being bad.'" Not sure where he got that idea, but his parents reaped the benefits: "This was the best-behaved kid ever."

  • Who's the Boss?


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    One boy complained to his parents one day, "Girls are bossy." Mom laughed, while her husband muttered, "Get used to it."

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