10 Awesome ABC Crafts to Help Kids Learn to Read

10 Awesome ABC Crafts to Help Kids Learn to Read

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There are kids who learn the alphabet early because their parents and teachers drill it into them ... then there are the kids who learn their letters before they even hit preschool because it's fun! Which group do you want your kids to belong to?

It turns out there are plenty of tricks to entice your kids to learn their ABCs. For ideas, look no further than this list of crafts and ideas, which as an added bonus get them exercising, making jewelry, or even building a zip-line (what kid could resist?).

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Isn't #3 so much better (and cheaper) than the store-bought version?


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  • Break Out the Alphabits


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    Kill breakfast and a letters lesson all at once with Alphabits cereal. One simple "snacktivity" is to have kids dig through a bowl to find letters that spell their name or other words. That's dry cereal mind you; the kids can add milk once they're done.

  • Create Alphabet Containers


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    One fun way to teach kids alphabet sounds is to make tubs for each letter (old Tupperware containers will do, or you can use empty snack containers). Then have your kid embark on an alphabet scavenger hunt where they fill them with things that sound with each letter, like "block" for B or "car" for C.

  • Create Your Own Flash Cards


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    Alphabet flash cards bought at the store are so generic and dull ... but if you and your kids make your own homemade alphabet flash cards, they're bound to be a lot more excited! For instructions on how make them -- and possible images for each letter -- check out Toys In the Dryer.

  • Get a 'Feel' for the Letters


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    It's a fact: Kids learn by getting their little hands on everything. To make this urge work to your advantage, make a textured alphabet chart where each letter is made from string, buttons, or other objects.

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  • Create Gummy Letters


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    There's no better way to whet a child's appetite for the alphabet than candy, and gummy letters are surprisingly easy to make! According to Kids Activity Blog, all you need are three ingredients (Jell-O is one of them).

  • Attach Letters to Actions


    Learning the alphabet doesn't mean your kids have to sit still. To really drive these lessons home, it can help to attach actions to each letter -- for instance, "A" is for arms so reach up high; "B" means to bend and touch your toes, etc. It not only helps build in some exercise, but activates both the right and left halves of kids' brains in a mind/body meld. The end result? They're more likely to remember these letters. Make up your own exercises or for ideas get the book The ABC's of Exercise ($15.95).

  • Create an Alphabet Necklace


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    If your girls are into jewelry, an alphabet necklace craft is sure to get their attention! They can string together their name, the entire alphabet, or any other words that strike their fancy; plus if they wear it this keepsake is a constant reminder of what they've learned.

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  • Write In Whipped Cream


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    Writing letters with a crayon or marker may feel staid ... but writing on a mound of whipped cream or shaving cream? Total fun (just do it in a baking tray to contain the mess). "You can make this into a game by calling out numbers and letters and having your child 'write' independently," says Emily Jupiter, a speech-language pathologist in New York. "If your child makes a mistake, he can easily wipe it away and just start again! No frustrating pencil marks to erase."

  • Make Alphabet Dolls


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    Have a daughter into dolls? Then she'll love playing with alphabet dolls, which turn abstract letters into googly-eyed friends.

  • Build an Alphabet Zipline


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    Letters on the move are way more exciting than stationary, which is why your kids will love creating this alphabet zipline. All you need is string, drinking straws, and letter cards; for instructions head to Kids Activity Blog.

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