10 Beautiful Photos of Moms Breastfeeding Their Toddlers

toddler breastfeeding

Few will argue with the fact that a mom breastfeeding her baby is a beautiful thing ... but a toddler? That can stir up mixed reviews. Still, rather than sit here and argue about the benefits of extended breastfeeding until we're blue in the face, let us show you photos of moms breastfeeding toddlers aged 1 to 4 and see how they strike you instead.

Can't you feel the love? Plus you will swoon when you hear the stories behind these images, as told through the moms and photographers who shot them. Whether you're on the fence about moms nursing older kids or are all for it, we hope these photos inspire you to celebrate this natural bond between mother and child.

Don't you love the mom's change of heart in #7?


Image via Cradled Creations

  • A Safe Place


    Image via Monet Nicole

    "I adore the feeling of knowing I'm giving my child a perfect food source," says this mom, photographed by Monet Nicole. "I also get fulfillment out of helping my son thrive by allowing him to be nourished unconditionally by my milk. Breastfeeding has created a safe place for him full of trust and love. Taking time to be fully present for him and with him throughout our days and nights together has created a tight bond. Breastfeeding allows me time to regroup and relax as well."

  • Pregnant and Nursing


    "This mom was pregnant and breastfeeding her almost 2-year-old," says photographer Christiane Pereira. "She is a great mom, one of the best I have ever met. We are part of the same group of mothers here in Brazil that fights for a more humanistic birth. We believe in attachment parenting, breastfeeding for at least two years, we do not let babies cry to sleep, and we carry them all the time with lots of touching and love. I have two children too, and I have breastfed both of them for more than two years."

  • 'Breastfeeding Evolves Over Time'


    Image via Monet Nicole

    "I have been breastfeeding for so many years it has morphed a lot during that time," says this mom, photographed by Monet Nicole. "When my kids were both little, I loved being able to hold them, snuggle and bond. It was great coming home from work and having that time with them, that ability to reconnect. Now as they have both gotten older, I appreciate that time before bed where we can cuddle and breastfeed, too. I also love the convenience of breastfeeding. I would not have been able to function if I needed to get up in the evenings and make a bottle, feed my little one, then get up a few hour later for work. Breastfeeding has kept me sane over the years when sleep has been inconsistent." 

  • 'I Know My Rights'


    "Two years ago I had a beautiful baby girl," recalls this mom, photographed by Sabrena Rexing. "Two years of breastfeeding, and we are still going strong. I never thought I would be breastfeeding a toddler, and it took a year and a half before I was comfortable breastfeeding in public without a cover. I've had my share of strange looks when nursing her now that's she's a toddler, but I don't feel ashamed. I know my rights and I know what's best for my child. There is no shame and nothing taboo about it. Toddlers are just bigger babies who still benefit from it."

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  • 'You Become That Weird Hippie Chick'


    Image via Monet Nicole

    "As a mom who has been nursing for seven consecutive years, I have faced many challenges with nursing an older child," admits this mom, photographed by Monet Nicole. "Nursing an older child is far different then a new baby. Family and friends shun you for doing something outside of what they consider normal. You quickly become that weird hippie chic doing those weird hippie things. I took my time in finding my voice and speaking out about nursing beyond infancy. I may not be totally accepted even now but I've gained confidence over the years and believe in what I'm doing so I've found it has gotten easier with time to speak to others about it."

  • Breastfeeding for a Good Cause


    Image via Cradled Creations

    "This photo was taken during the annual Nationwide Breastfeeding Challenge where cities compete to see how many women can latch on at once," says photographer Jaydene Freund. "The city of Chilliwack, British Columbia has won in the last two consecutive years, and this photo was taken in a quiet corner away from all the festivities."

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  • 'At First I Found It Odd'


    "When I was a graduate student, I nannied for a family where the mom breastfed her 18-month-old up to 3 years -- and at the time, I found it odd," admits this mom, photographed by Kristie Robin. "I was 25 years old at the time, and uneducated on the subject. I didn't realize the benefits to nursing a toddler at all. When I became pregnant, I learned that the World Health Organization recommends nursing for two years, so I quickly switched my thinking, and two years became my plan."

  • Not Ready to Say Good-bye


    "We did this shoot together when the little girl was showing signs of getting ready to wean," says photographer Kristie Robin. "Mama wasn't quite ready to say goodbye, so we did a shoot to celebrate this beautiful bond that the two of them share. Six months later, they are still going strong."

  • 'It Was Time'


    "This boy was about a month shy of his fourth birthday when I took this," says photographer Hilary Mercer. "Coincidentally it was also the last time he nursed. His mom was so glad to be able to nurse him for so long, but 'it was time' she said. She was so glad I was able to document it while he was still doing it."

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  • 'She'll Decide When She's Done'


    Image via Jose Guerra Palencia/Inner Goddess Pregnancy

    "This conscious and gentle mama with her 20-month-old daughter believes in extended breastfeeding for the amazing emotional and physical benefits," says pregnancy coach Andrea Celestina. "It also fosters a beautiful way to bond for both of them. She will continue to offer this support to her daughter until she decides on her own that she is complete. They exude so much love and trust together!"

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