26 Kid Crafts That Will Help Your Kid Learn the Alphabet

letter e craft

Every kid, sooner or later, learns the alphabet. But you can make the ABCs a lot more fun -- and incorporate an art lesson -- with an alphabet craft. Whether your little tyke's learning to spell his own name or memorize everything from A to Z, there's no better way to make those lessons stick than by mixing in some glue and glitter.

To help get your gears turning, here are 26 crafts -- one for every letter from A to Z (plus if you spot a craft you love, rest assured you can easily modify most to do other letters, too). They're great activities for kids' birthday parties, rainy days at home, or just about any occasion when you want kids to have fun and learn something in the process.

Alphabet Crafts

Isn't "N" a fun, fairly mess-free way for kids to play with their food?


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