25 Things Every Kid Should Do Before Kindergarten

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Our kids grow up so fast -- too fast -- and there are so many incredible things they do besides hitting those milestones that bring so much joy not only to them, but to us. And because of that, every kid should have a bucket list of things that they will enjoy more when they are young, before the magic of childhood dims a little, before their insecurities set in, and before they are embarrassed by their boring old mom.


Adult bucket lists are often filled with pricey, once-in a life time experiences and thrills that will leave us breathless and broke, like jumping out of an airplane or sharing a kiss with someone special on top of the Eiffel Tower. The good thing about a kindergarten bucket list is that while 5 is certainly a major milestone, our children still have the rest of their lives ahead of them. And they're at an age where even small things can still seem special and magical. These are things they can do with little fuss or fanfare but will still leave a lasting imprint on their memory forever. 

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These childhood experiences would make incredible memories not just for the kindy-bound, but for the entire family. Check out the 25 things all kids should do before they enter kindergarten.

And let us know: Which ones are definitely getting added to the ol' bucket list?

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