Things to Do With Your Toddler While You Are Waiting For The Dryer to Beep

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It’s laundry day. Right, I know, when you have little kids, every day could be laundry day, but this is the main day, the day you do the sheets and the towels…which means you and Kiddo need to pass the time while waiting for those fitted sheets to dry.

The cool thing is that a set amount of time (say 34 minutes) -- before that dryer beeps and you can take out the warm clothes and transfer in any wet ones waiting in the washing machine for their turn -- that set amount of time makes a perfect opportunity Mommy Play Time.

The other bonus: when you say, “Once the dryer beeps, we need to go do errands!” or “When the dryer buzzes, it will be time to pick your brother from school, but until then, let’s play!”, it gives your toddler a framework of the events, which makes the whole rest of the day run a little smoother.


But what exactly can you play in 34 minutes? Almost anything, but we have five great ideas you can kick off on your next laundry day!

Leap Frog 2.0
Too much pent-up energy can make it rough for Mama and Kiddo. This game is ideal for when you are stuck inside, and your little one needs to get her “ya-yas” out. Get your cushions and pillows, and make a huge frog pond on the floor. Have your kiddo leap from one to the next, and time her with your watch. Invite little stuffed buddies to join in the fun too!

Treasure Hunt
Gather five or six neato-mosquito treasure objects (little plastic figurines, stuffed cats, old costume jewelry, and so on), and hide them around the house. To help your little one, pick one or two rooms to be the search places. As he hunts for them, do the old-school “hot” or “cold” clues.

This cool game just needs a few chairs and your imaginations. Set up the chairs as if it was a taxi, and place yourself in the driver’s seat. Have fun with your little one telling you where he wants to go and what he describes as you “drive” him there. Switch it up, and make him the driver or have him bring some stuffed friends on his trip.

Flashlight Rainbow
This one involves tools: a flashlight and different colored balloons. Stretch the balloons over the ends of the flashlight and head to a darkened room. Play around with the different colors, and see what they look like as you shine them on the walls. Bonus hint: stretch two balloons over the end at the same time to make new colors!

Ramp it Up (or Down)
Use those building blocks and a piece of cardboard to make this game fabu. Build ramps of different heights, and place all sorts of objects on them to see how they roll: fast, slow, or with bumps. Spice containers, small balls, stuffed frogs, balls of socks, whatever you want to test – make a chart on a piece of paper with what traveled fast or slow, so he can tell Dad all about his experiment later.


We all need new ideas -- share your best toddler games to play!








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