The Messiest Yet Best Foods for That Growing Toddler Brain

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Our main job is to keep our kids healthy, right? Sure, we are to love them, cherish them, and guide them through this world, but first and foremost, we need to keep them healthy. A big part of that task is giving them foods full of vitamins and minerals, nutrients, grains, and proteins – everything they need to grow strong bones and brains.

As you move into the mushy puree stage of food at six months and then onto heartier solids in the months and years after, you will give your kiddo a variety of great foods to try. The funny thing? Some of the healthiest foods create the biggest messes. Grab a napkin (or five) and get ready -- we’ve rounded up a few tasty, but messy foods for building that toddler brain.



Avocados: This delicious green fruit (yup, it’s a fruit, folks!) is chock full of vitamins, but more importantly, it is a great source for that “good fat,” which is essential for brain development and function. The kicker with avocados? They are soooooo mushy, and there’s no way to eat it without having your kiddo’s hands and face turn a little green. Wait until you spot a dried green piece of avocado in between her toes…you will wonder just how it got there.

Blueberries: Brain-boosting and disease-fighting, those little purple-blue fruits are portable and yummy. They also tend to roll off of those high-chair trays, get mushed under little fingers, and somehow find their way squashed beneath adorable baby tushees, leaving blue smears everywhere.

Fortified infant cereal: A cousin to oatmeal, this is one of the best places to find something every growing brain needs – iron. That mushy cereal is a popular choice for moms as one of the first solids. It’s also a popular choice for kids, as every child will dump that bowl of cereal over their head at least once a week. Just get ready for it.

Prunes: Fiber, fiber, fiber. Prunes have it, and your kiddo needs it to make everything function properly. Especially when you first start introducing solids, prunes are your best bet to relieve any possible constipation woes. Perhaps not messy right away, when that digestive system gets rolling once again, prunes can produce some big (ahem) blowout messes hours after your babe eats this sweet fruit.

Tomato sauce: This popular cooking staple is not only a great addition to any recipe, it’s also a great source of lycopene, which helps protect our bodies and brains from cancer. But think about serving that pasta to your child. You can picture it now, can’t you? You serve up a bowl full of spaghetti and – bam! – it’s on your walls, your floor, and your kiddo. Oh so healthy, but oh so messy.

What is the messiest food your child loves to eat?




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