The Funniest Messes Your Toddler Will Make

toddler messes

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You won’t quite know how it happened. Perhaps you turned around for two minutes to grab a phone call from your sister. Maybe you had to go to the bathroom. Sometimes, the cause is a hidden marker or snack. You will swear your little one wasn’t out of your sight that long, but somehow your child has made the Biggest Mess EVER.

It’s so insanely awful that you can’t help but laugh. After you snap a few pictures to share on Facebook and post on Instagram, you know that is going to be a good hour of cleaning, but still, you find yourself giggling the whole time. You know it will be told over again, and possibly at her wedding. We have a round-up of five of the funniest messes kids can make!


Flour Power
Somehow, some way, she got into that flour bag. It looks like a winter wonderland in your kitchen. White flakes in her hair, all over her clothes, and all over the cat. Though it looks like snow, it’s soooo much harder to shovel flour off of that kitchen floor.

One-of-a-Kind Masterpiece
It’s naptime. Nothing seems out of the ordinary….until you realize she’s being really quiet, and it’s right around wake-up time. You gently open her bedroom door so as not to wake her, and realize that’s not the problem. The problem? She’s used the, ahem, contents of her diaper to create some “artwork” on the wall by her crib.  

Toilet Paperlanche
You are on it. The bathroom is totally baby-proofed. You have the safety locks on the toilet and the undersink cabinet. There is a lock on the sink faucet and the one in the tub. Yup, you are on it. But, there’s that matter of the toilet paper, which is ohsomuch fun to watch go around and around and around. It doesn’t take very long to go through a whole roll, as your kiddo will tell you. Yup, he’s sitting there, surrounded by the toilet paperlance, mounds and mounds of toilet paper everywhere.  

Glitter Mania
Here’s the scene: It’s a rainy day, so you decide to keep boredom at bay with some cookie baking and crafty fun! First, you and the kiddos mixed up that dough and plopped little balls onto the sheet. While they are baking, you break out all of the art supplies, and let the kids create some ready-for-the-fridge masterpieces. The dinger dings. You go check those cookies and when you come back, you’ve entered into a magical land called Glitterville. It is everywhere.  Fast-forward three months from now, and you are still finding little glittery specks!

Lipstick Painting
You usually put your purse up on the entryway bench, but today, you dropped it by the fridge as you had your hands full of groceries. After rushing to the bathroom (darn that venti frappachino you downed an hour ago!), you come back to find your wallet, the tissues, your keys, and all of your purse’s contents sacttered on the floor. In her little hand? Your lipstick. All over her face? Your lipstick. All over her shoes? Your lipstick. Yes, you will need new lipstick.


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