13 'Big Sibling' Kits to Help Kids Get Ready for a New Baby

big brother presentA new baby in the family is always an exciting time ... but amid the flurry of labor and all the fuss over an infant, older siblings can often feel sidelined. That's why many moms put together "big brother" or "big sister" kits to remind older siblings of how special they are.

So what should be included in a "big sibling" kit? Look no further than these ideas from moms and otherwise. From cameras to snacks to personalized coloring books, these packages will get them excited about the new arrival, and keep them busy (because let's face it, you've got a lot on your hands right now)!

gifts for siblings expecting a new baby

Think #1 would inspire big sisters to pitch in more with the baby? 


Image via theideaboxkids/Etsy


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