11 Genius Hacks to Make Potty Training Easier on You & Your Toddler

potty trainingPotty training is a parental rite of passage -- a road paved with urine-soaked war stories from parents who've somehow pushed through to the other side. If there's ever a time to heed the advice of parents who've been in the trenches, it's now ... and it turns out that there are plenty of tricks and shortcuts that make this ordeal a whole lot easier.


This list of parents' best potty training hacks will save you a bundle of time, toilet paper, cash for pull-ups, energy on the clean-up front, and more -- plus they'll motivate your child to get with the program in a jiffy. Try one or all of them and your potty training phase may be over before you know it!

potty training hacks

Hack #5 is brilliant -- we wish we'd thought of that! What's your tip for potty training moms?


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