12 Disastrous Potty Training Stories From Moms Who Have Been There

potty trainingPotty training is one of those challenges that is no doubt waaaaay harder on the moms than on the kids. Because after all, who's cleaning up the mess? Or getting the dirty looks when your little tyke leaves a puddle somewhere in public?


In case you're convinced you're the only mom for whom potty training was disastrous, mortifying, or at least a huge pain in the butt, check out these stories of potty training gone horribly wrong and you'll realize you've got plenty of company!

  1. "One day my 2-year-old son was really quiet in the bathroom, so I went to check ... and found him waist-down inside the toilet! I was so grossed out and quickly threw him in the bath."
  2. "After peeing one day, my son climbed onto the counter to wash his hands. Then he fell off and ripped open his scrotum on the handle on the cabinet!"
  3. "When I was training my son, I let him sit on the potty with his older brother's tablet, a Leapster, to keep him sitting there. Then one day my little guy dropped it right in the toilet bowl! I had to buy a new one. Lesson learned!"
  4. "I tried candy bribes with our 3-year-old daughter: two gummy bears for number one, four for number two. It worked for awhile ... until she started going to the bathroom, flushing, and claiming she'd 'pooped' around six times a day!"
  5. "I was at the mall with my brilliant, potty-trained toddler grabbing some lunch. Then I turned and saw her in the middle of the food court, squatting and peeing like a puppy! I was completely unprepared, so I had to run into the nearest department store and pay double what I normally pay for undies. I was so naive."
  6. "He flushed his underwear down the toilet ... and clogged the drain!"
  7. "On her first day of pre-K, the teachers thought my daughter was having a seizure. On the contrary: When doing number two she would shake and shiver uncontrollably. They laughed hysterically when they found out what was really going on."

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  8. "For a while my son refused to poop on the potty. Instead, he'd jump up and run down the hallway until I replaced his pull-up. One time I couldn't get the diaper on fast enough. The result? A gross mess on the carpet all the way down the hall."
  9. "My son stuck his potty-training stickers all over the toilet to let me know he was ready to start pooping in it. It was so hard to scrape those off!"
  10. "One day in the midst of potty training my daughter, she started squirming and looking uncomfortable. So I asked, 'Do you need to go potty?' When I realized she took that as permission to go then and there and wet her pants, I yelled, 'I didn't mean HERE!'"
  11. "For some reason my son needed to strip from the waist down to do number two. So I can't tell you how many times we've been in filthy public bathrooms where I helped my son take everything off, then got to juggle his clothes and perform the glorious task of wiping his behind -- all the while trying not to let his clothes touch the toilet or the floor. Those were some of the more glamorous moments of my life!"
  12. "This is less horrific for my child than it is for me! Two winters ago we were living in a cabin with no bathroom. Leaving your warm bed for a whole other building in the freezing cold made the froggy potty incredibly tempting. Unfortunately my kid was not incredibly appreciative, so I would have to sneak to use it. Yep, I've used my kid's potty behind his back."


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