52 pick-up


Isn't it such a joy when your baby can first pick up a toy on their own? Wow! The things they can do, suddenly, when they can pick up a toy. They can start to entertain themselves! They can hold a toy and put it in their mouth and taste it (yum!), they can bang it on the floor, they can shake it and make noise, and oops, they can drop it too. 




Often, that first leads to crying, because baby is sad that they dropped the toy they just picked up. The toy they NEED! So you pick it back up for them, and they are happy again. Thanks Mom!

But then, around 9 months old, your baby will develop a new motor skill, which is voluntarily letting go of toys they have picked up. Now they will begin to enjoy picking up and then dropping their toys, over and over and over again. Boom! Goes the rattle on the street. And it makes a nice noise when it falls. And bang! There goes the cup on the floor. On purpose! And yay, it spills too. Isn't this awesome Mommy? I mean, what is more exciting than picking up a toy and then DROPPING it, on PURPOSE?

This might be a fun game for little ones, but I have one tip for you moms when your children hit this stage of development: Do NOT give them a deck of cards to play with, unless the game you are looking for is 52-pick-up (for you)! Instead, try to give them plenty of small toys that they can hold onto easily and drop without making too much extra work for you. Small bouncy balls or blocks, things with little rope or handles which are easy to pick up, musical toys like rattles, shakers, or even a small tambourine work well. Plastic cups are always a big hit too.


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