'Sesame Street' Gets Caught Up in Vaccine War Over Elmo's Doctor Visit (VIDEO)

Elmo is officially pro-vax and not surprisingly, people are not pleased. On such a divisive issue, it's unusual to see figures so widely loved take a side because they risk be alienating fans no matter what they do. But Sesame Street went for it, and alienate people they did.


The announcement came in a PSA produced by Sesame Street, the Surgeon General, and The Daily Dot, and it tackles the issue in a typical Sesame Street style:

Predictably, a ton of people are outraged. Because nothing vaccine-related can sit quietly on the Internet, the comment section on the video is now home to the latest vaccine debate.

Commenters call Elmo everything from a "government puppet" (har har) to a "prostitute." But on the other end, he's met with heart emojis and praises for taking a stand.

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People are also raising the question of whether pharmaceuticals should be "marketed" to children at all. But is Elmo marketing them to kids, or just explaining what vaccines do and why we get them?

And regardless -- is Sesame Street an appropriate place to have the vaccine debate? Or is Elmo just doing his duty by explaining difficult but important concepts to kids?

Elmo's PSA raises some difficult questions, and the arguments will just reign on from here. But one thing I think we can all agree on is that Elmo's rendition of "Shake It Off" is TSwift-level amazing. Right? Right?

Do you think Sesame Street is the right place to have the vaccine debate?


Image via The Daily Dot/YouTube

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