Moms Share the Weirdest Things Their Picky Kids Won't Eat


Everyone knows toddlers are notoriously picky eaters ... but an Instagram hashtag, #MyKidCantEatThis, shows just how ridiculous it can get. And it can help you laugh right when you're ready to throw your little imp's uneaten dinner against the wall.


A mom of three named Heather created this account to give herself a  humorous outlet for all her food struggles with her kids. And I hafta say, as the mom to a picky 4-year-old, It's very comforting to find out I've got plenty of company come dinnertime!

Check out a few gems below of the most most irrational, hair-wrenching reasons kids won't eat these perfectly fine foods: 

#mykidcanteatthis because she would rather have garlic and cheese flavored croutons for breakfast instead -___-

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Breakfast time! What could possible go wrong with Cheerios? Well, kids haven't quite caught onto the difference between "breakfast food" and "dinner food" ... or that garlic croutons are best saved for later to avoid accosting others with dragon breath.

#MyKidCantEatThis because of this single bell pepper. - @Shellyyelnats

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This is every parents' worst nightmare: One tiny piece of bell pepper (or onion, or whatever) will taint the entire plate. Removing this speck will make no difference; dinner is ruined.

#MyKidCantEatThis because mommy peeled it and he wanted it peeled by daddy. -Jenn Mace

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Yup, you could serve a kid cookies and ice cream for dinner, but it's no good if the right parent didn't put it together. Sigh.

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#mykidcanteatthis because his mouth won't fit around it. :(

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Yes, kids' mouths are smaller than ours, so a tall burger or sandwich can be a challenge. But it's not a reason to go on a good strike now, is it? Plus we'll put if a parent flattened this down the kid would around and say he can't eat it because the bun is squished. You can't win.

"#mykidcanteatthis bagel, but add a few sprinkles and a doughnut appears! Magic." -Ashley Marcy

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Love this one because it shows how parents cheat to get their kids to eat: sprinkles! That's actually a genius tip I plan to use soon myself.

What's your most maddening food battle with your kids? 


Images via #mykidcanteatthis/Instagram

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