Parents Invent Potty Training Reward System That Treats Kids Like Dogs

poop n pull potty trainingHaving trouble potty training your toddler? Maybe you just need to step up your bathroom reward system. That's exactly what parents and potty trainers extraordinaire Heather and Josh Moffatt realized when they invented the Poop 'n Pull: The Ultimate Potty Training Experience.


The small box, which hangs on the back of the bathroom door, holds small capsules full of tiny rewards. A small string can be pulled, releasing the pods, which can contain anything from candy, to a sticker, to a tiny toy.

They poop, they pull, they get their reward. Simple as that.

Sure, it's a bit like training a pet, but hey, if it gets the job done, who are we to knock it?

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The reward for going to the potty is immediate. Kids go straight from the toilet to the sink to the Poop 'n Pull. Each time they go to the restroom, they'll be reminded that there's a prize waiting for them once they're finished, so the incentive is constantly there.

As long as their powers aren't abused, kids don't just go pulling the string whenever they feel like a little pick-me-up without actually going on the potty, it sounds brilliant to us!

Check out the Poop 'n Pull in action below, and donate to the Kickstarter here to receive your own!

Would you use something like this for your toddler?



Image via Poop 'n Pull/YouTube

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