​​Mom of 6 Boys Nearly Loses Her Mind When She Finds Out She's Having a Girl (VIDEO)

it's a girl

Cher Lair, a mom of six boys in Apex, North Carolina, was pregnant again. So what would you guess she was hoping to have this time around? A girl, of course! And her reaction to finding out her wish had come true is priceless.


Cher found out the big news at her gender reveal party while cutting the cake, which would be color-coded pink or blue depending on the sex of her new baby. Once she spotted pink, she screamed and collapsed to the floor. Check it out below: 

Honestly now: If you were in her shoes, wouldn't you scream and collapse too?

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Because as much as parents say "It doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl," it does. And there's no shame in that. I, for one, wanted a boy, and was at first disappointed I had a girl, and I felt I couldn't say it because it seemed heartless (now, for the record, I'm glad I have a girl). 

That said, after six boys, I think most people would be jonesing for a girl ... and understand this mom's reaction.

How did your react when you heard what gender baby you were having?


Image via Ruth Black/shutterstock

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