They grow up so fast!

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“Enjoy it!” the wise old woman in the grocery store said as my infant daughter was pitching a fit. “They grow up so fast!” 


I was never a mother who fretted about temper tantrums, not even when my babies turned into toddlers and began orchestrating them just for fun. To tell you the truth, I kind of got a kick out of my kids’ spunk and spirit.

Still, there were times when I had to consciously remember what the wise old woman in the grocery store said. There were difficult days and baby-sized problems that I thought would never end. But what I did, instead of getting upset and frustrated was to remember that they were going to be over in a blink of an eye.

So, instead I savored every little moment. I would think about what was going on inside of their little heads and figure out why they were unhappy. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t let them walk all over me, but I did do everything I could to help them be more comfortable.

We explored the world together, looking at every day as a brand new adventure with new things to discover and new lessons to master. I tried my hardest to appreciate each and every day and not ever let life become routine.

But, of course, there are the routine things that are necessary just to get through life. And so, I simply incorporated my kids into that routine. I’d have a baby in a sling over my belly while my toddler helped dry some plastic dishes, push a sweeper or do the laundry.

Believe it or not, I miss all the laundry. And, I miss pulling those cute little outfits from the warm dryer, holding them up to my face and breathing in that special baby scent. But, now there’s a new way to keep those memories alive.

Dreft Blissfuls: In-Wash Scent Booster is a new laundry product that gives you that baby fresh scent, whether you’ve got a baby anymore or not. All you have to do is add it to your wash load and it complements your laundry detergent, creating that amazing, long-lasting baby scent. Dreft Blissfuls: In-Wash Scent Booster is one small way of keeping them young, if only in your mind.


What do you do to help savor the moment?



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