Baby Stains

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I started out as a fairly normal mother. I did my fair share of cleaning and laundry but I didn’t overdo it. 


I didn’t sterilize everything that touched my baby’s lips nor did I obsess over messes. Splashing in the bath basin was just good old fun at the water park. Hurling peas was part of the process. And poopy diapers, well I got pretty good at containing those contents.

But then, out of nowhere, I became a double-bibber.

Once my baby started eating solid food and drinking more than breast milk, I started getting crazy about keeping him clean. All those adorable little outfits would end up with a half-moon stain right under his chin. I tried everything – holding the bottle at a different angle, switching bottles, putting the teeniest amount of cereal on the teeniest little airplane spoon – all to no avail.

And so, I just started tucking one bib under his collar and snapping the other one on top. It definitely worked, but it bothered me (and him!) that I had to do that! Or rather, that if I didn’t do it, I’d have to scrub the stains out by hand. My son’s clothes were just way too cute (not to mention costly!) to wear only once before relegating them to the “play clothes” pile.

In one of those all-too-familiar wish-I-had-known-what-I-know-now moments, I learned about Dreft Stage 2: Active Baby laundry detergent. What caught my eye was that right on the bottle it says that it helps remove 99% of baby food stains. A laundry detergent made to fight active baby messes – now that’s something that I could definitely have benefitted from.

If I had known there was a laundry detergent out there that would help put an end to double-bibbing I bet my little boy would have had a whole lot more fun. He would have been able to touch and squish and mush and play all day long without his mother getting in the way of his fun!


How do you keep your favorite baby outfits clean?

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