The Scent of a Baby

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Not one of my three kids is a baby any more. And though I love to watch their personalities develop with every passing day, I miss having my babies.



I miss having a little being that fits into the crook of my arm. A little head that is a mere inches from my lips, always ready to receive kiss after kiss.

I miss having a babbling baby trying to discover her voice. The way she tried to imitate my sounds and copy my smiles.

I miss the sounds. The smacking baby sounds as he sucked on his fist, his pacifier and sometimes just his own little lips.

I miss the cries. And being able to identify which meant she was hungry, which meant she was tired and which meant she just wanted to be held.

I miss the baby seats. I miss being able to carry my baby from room to room so he could watch me go through my daily duties.

I miss singing to my baby. Even though I can’t carry a tune, she never cared.

I miss their touch. When they’d reach up and grab your finger and hold on for dear life.

I miss looking them in the eye and searching their soul. Wondering who they’d become and what they’d be like and knowing I’d do anything in the world to keep them safe and happy.

And I did.

There are so many things about babyhood that are now but distant memories. But the things I can hold on to, I do.

I keep locks of their hair. I keep recordings of their recitals. I keep their favorite books, their treasured blankies and their favorite toys.

And now, I can keep that amazing baby scent alive as well.

Dreft Blissfuls: In-Wash Scent Booster must have had mothers like me in mind. This brand-new product does just what it says – it boosts that old familiar baby scent by just adding it to your regular wash load.

I love my kids, but I miss my babies. And now, I can reawaken those memories through the sense of smell – bringing me right back to babyhood with the old familiar, long-lasting scent of Dreft Blissfuls. 

What do you miss most about having a baby?

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