Dad Turns Bedtime Battle With Toddler Into Horror Movie Poster (PHOTO)

bedtime movie poster

Few phrases strike fear in the hearts of toddlers everywhere like "time for bed!" In fact, many parents cringe at this prospect, too -- which is why this "bedtime" movie poster parody is bound to make you chuckle.


Here's how it happened, according to Reddit member Mitohondria420: "Our son fell asleep on the stairs and my friend couldn't resist making this poster. It fits too well." Check it out below:

bedtime movie poster

Honestly now, isn't that just the best thing you've ever seen?

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In my home, every night, bedtime is always a battle, with my 4-year-old begging for water (with ice), snacks, one more book, claims she's "scared," the list goes on and on.

Parenting can be a pain, and there's no better way to endure pain than a sense of humor. So tonight, when you're in the throes of putting your little one down, try to remember this movie poster and not take it all so seriously. I know I will.

What are your funniest bedtime horror stories?


Image via Mitochondria420/Reddit



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