18 Fun Easter Basket Stuffers That Are Candy Free

18 Fun Easter Basket Stuffers That Are Candy Free

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It happens every Easter morning. The kids get loaded down with candy from the Easter bunny and the grandparents (and that pretty bowl of chocolate mini eggs that's sitting in the center of the table) ... and then Easter candy overload sets in and has the potential to ruin the whole day. So maybe this year's Easter basket will be totally candy-free, or maybe there's just a little LESS candy in there and a little more FUN. 

Candy-free doesn't have to mean an Easter basket filled to the brim with boring old pencils, a new toothbrush, or tiny boxes of "Mother Nature's candy" -- aka raisins. The key here is to find a few small and colorful gifts they'll love -- miniature trinkets, little activities, and other entertaining playthings. These kinds of basket fillers are exactly what the kids didn't know they wanted the Easter bunny to bring this year. And trust us, they'll enjoy these mini, sugar-free presents a lot longer than the nine Peeps bunnies they usually consume before 8 a.m. on Easter morning too. 

We've rounded up plenty of fun, non-candy Easter basket ideas for the kids this year. From gifts for little engineers, creatives, nature lovers, readers, or hipster types, there's something in here for every kind of kid. When they see these kinds of fun things in the basket, they won't even miss all those extra chocolate eggs, promise!

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  • Stick-Lets Building Toys


    Easter afternoon activity idea: get them started with fort-building. This urban-themed Stick-Lets kit will turn the kids into at-home contractors. Engineering school is in their future!

    Stick-Lets Kits ($28-$45, HearthSong)

  • Sprout Pencils


    A pencil in the Easter basket can be a bit of a dud ... but not this one! These Sprout Pencils are actual pencils that can be planted in the ground once they get too short. Nourish them, feed them, and watch as they grow into forget-me-nots, sunflowers, and sweet peas!

    Sprout Pencils ($8, Magnolia)

  • Snap-on Soft Toy Bracelet $5.99

    bunny rabbit snap bracelet

    Oh, now this is pretty darn cute! It's soft and fuzzy snap bracelet -- the perfect springtime accessory for kids. For kids more into reptiles, there's a cool green dragon too!

    Snap-on Soft Toy Bracelet ($6, H&M)

  • Easter Bunny Soap


    Who doesn't want to play with the Easter bunny in the bathtub? These natural shea butter soaps are all the ammunition needed to entice those chocolate-smudged kids into the bathroom.

    Bunny Soap ($5 for 2, BluePoppyBath/Etsy)

  • Rad Rabbit Temporary Tattoos


    Everyone wants a little piece of the Easter Bunny. With some nifty washable temporary tattoos, the kids can rock his signature "cool bunny" look all day long.

    Rabbit Temporary Tattoos ($2, set of 3, Etsy/DUCKYSTREET)

  • Water-Based Glitter Nail Polish


    Finally, a water-based nail polish for little kids who love doing their nails! This stuff washes off with soap or in the bathtub. Shown in Raspberry Glitter, but loads of Nailmatic colors available. 

    Nailmatic Kids Water-Based Nail Polish ($10, Fawn Shoppe)

  • Bunny Party Crackers


    These little bunny party crackers will give Easter partying a pop! Each party favor contains confetti and three sheets of bunny and chick temporary tattoos.

    Bunny Party Crackers ($14, Terrain)

  • Wooden Black Felt Letter Board


    For any parents of kids who are learning their letters or are budding Instagrammers (they're starting younger and younger these days), this felt letter board is the perfect item to slip into their Easter basket. It's 10" x 10" so not too too big for the Easter bunny to deliver.

    Wooden Black Felt Letter Board ($18, Amazon)

  • Easter Egg Crayons


    Up the kids' craft game with these egg-shaped crayons. The colors are wonderful and perfect for any spring-themed project, but it's really the shapes that are ideal for the holiday.

    Easter Egg Crayons ($8, set of 10, KagesKrayons/Etsy)

  • Wooden Slingshot & Felt Balls


    Not to worry, this is not feisty old Grandpa's toy slingshot. These colorful wooden slingshots come with matching felt balls that won't hurt if someone gets too close. So much backyard fun here! 

    Wooden Slingshot & Felt Balls ($22, alittlelark/Etsy)

  • Modern Bunny Rattle


    Baby wants something from the Easter Bunny too, and this wooden rattle is perfect. Baby can play happily on her own while the big kids run wild at the Easter egg hunt. 

    Modern Bunny Rattle ($15, Magic Cabin)

  • Mini Donut Eraser Set $5.00


    We're hungry for Easter morning already looking at these mini donuts, which are really erasers, so nobody eat them! They're loads of cool in an Easter basket. 

    Mini Donut Eraser Set ($5, Urban Outfitters)

  • Carrot Seeds


    Every bunny needs some carrots! Get the kids excited for spring with this treat that will let them grow the rabbit food right in the backyard.

    Seeds of Change Certified Organic Carrot Seeds ($3, pack of 400 seeds, Amazon)

  • Blank Board Books


    Blank board books make for endless, creative fun. Kids can "scrapbook" in them, write and illustrate their own stories, or fill the pages with photographs. 

    Blank Board Books ($8, Romp)

  • Porcelain Rabbit Nightlight


    Kids will love the soft glow this sweet little woodland bunny brings into their bedroom at night. 

    Porcelain Rabbit Nightlight ($13, Fawn & Forest)

  • Egg Sidewalk Chalk


    This basket stuffer turns into an Easter day activity. Kids can have fun coloring up the sidewalks all afternoon (or sometime in the spring if weather won't permit on Easter day ...).

    Egg Chalk ($11, set of 6, Pottery Barn Kids)

  • Woodland Friends Water Bottle


    These sweet water bottles with either a cute illustrated fox or owl are perfect for lunch boxes, around the house, or on the go -- and of course, they're BPA free!

    Woodland Friends Water Bottle ($8, Anthropologie)

  • Kids Headlamps


    These made-for-kids headlamps will make fort building, reading after lights out, and night exploring all kinds of fun. Love the pastel colors, too -- it's like they're made for Easter baskets. 

    Mini Youth Headlamps ($9, Walmart)


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